Posted on: November 24th, 2014

Salon coordinator …. Were do I start ??? The phones ,
The computer systems , the guests  the staff,  the retail ?? My job is a never ending list and I would not have it any other way.. My day usually starts with COFFEE….. My morning routine would be the opening of the salon making sure the team are all organised (this is after our morning meeting. At Brown Sugar as a coordinator i am expected to wear several hats acting as a liaison between the salon owner and staff, staff to guests etc… once the salon is all set up we are all ready for action, Between meeting and greeting of our wonderful guests I reply to emails, telephone messages and social media messages. It is my duty to make sure all our guests get the ultimate brown sugar experience so my main duty is to allocate the correct appointments for our hair and beauty guests.. When all the mails, messages are done I move on to organizing the staffs breaks and daily routine, I org anise their day so that it runs as smoothly as possible.

By that time it’s possibly time for Coffee number 2 lol…. House keeping , meeting and greeting our guest and tea making and telephone calls are 100% still in progress. I then check stock usually i keep a check list(this keeps me from slacking) ….products are the ultimate key for the perfect hair So it is my job to make sure there always available for guests. Our brown sugar hair and beauty’s promise is to always educate our guests.

After lunch i have the same routine I check the messages , emails and social media all over again…. By this time I have probably been lucky to talk to between 30 to 50 guests so by now if you haven’t figured it out I absolutely love to talk ….. Tea making, housekeeping, meeting and greeting our guests  and telephone calls are still in progress ….

The end of the day routine is usually
When all our team pull together. I usually finish off the last of our social media and emails and then help the team get the salon organised for the next busy day.  I have been lucky to have a job in which allows me to interact with different people on a daily basis and also to work with such a great team who are so passionate and creative. Roll on tomorrow and let the day begin….

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